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Tampereen Sähköpalvelu

Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy

Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy (TSP) is a Finnish B2B trading company founded 1968. We sell high-tech products and solutions to customers in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in Finland and Estonia with growing export to other countries.

We add value

We aim to add value, either by helping customers to produce their goods more efficiently, or by helping their products be more competitive.

Superior Customer Service

Our main principle is to serve customers. For us every customer is important and we have possibility to be flexible when needed - but same time our 50 years track record of success guarantee that we are also your long-term partner. 

Strong in house product knowledge

Our sales team has years experience and have extra ordinary product and solution knowledge. We can support you to design right products for your application.

Wide product portfolio

We have been able to choose those products to our range which are best suitable to our customers and applications used. Many times they have proven to be long lasting and cost efficient. We can stock products agreed with our customers to be able to service quickly also difficult to get cases.

High Quality

Our suppliers are world leading brands who take quality seriously. Most products are available world wide and have very well after sales service even after several years. We are not looking for cheapest alternative without warranty - we take responsibility of what we are selling - from 1968!

Quick deliveries

Most of the orders we ship same day. This is possible from our large stock volume and also by using right logistic partners. We take care that you will receive goods in right time and place.


We offer products with market prices. You may find single items lower priced from the market but in long run our customers has found us to be the most economical supplier for the price and service guaranteed. If you need products for manufacturing we have possibility to agree fixed prices for 12+ months for fixed quantities and keep them in stock for you.

Your Partner from 1968

Business is easy when you can work with same principles and service mind more than 40 years as we have done. We have seen changes in the markets and we have been changing and growing with them by keeping simple things in mind: Customer and Service. Today we are part of Addtech group which is listed in NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.


Turnover : 11 M€ (2018)

Number of Employees : 33, where 6 in Estonia

Companies as customer :  1500

Items in stock for immediate delivery : 5000+


Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy

Autokeskuksentie 16
FIN-33960 Pirkkala, Finland

Tel. +358 3 2515 111

Opening hours 8-16 (Monday-Friday)
Sales only to account customers